February 07, 2019

Welcome To Daily Health Nigeria: See What We Will Be Doing

"Knowledge of health is wealth." 
Welcome to Daily Health Nigeria

Hello lovely!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this health blog, Daily Health Nigeria, as trained nurses who love sharing healthful information with people, we will be doing it via this blog.

This blog was created, having seen how people crave for information on their health and to correct - in the little way we can - wrong assumptions people have about their body and some disease conditions.

What is Daily Health Nigeria about?

Daily Health Nigeria will be giving you articles on Nigeria Health News, Diseases & Management, Healthy lifestyle, Home remedies, Health education and Daily short health tips via our various social media handles.

Also, Daily Health Nigeria shall partner or collaborate with other health blogs and NGOs to serve our readers better in any area we do not cover (such as Medical jobs and Medical outreach).

Who founded Daily Health Nigeria?

This blog was founded by groups of Registered Nurses in Nigeria. See our team members here

Daily Health Nigeria Services

Apart from the online publication of articles, we will also venture into giving health education on our online group pages (WhatsApp).
"Remember to take care of your body because it's the only place you have to live in."
Our mission is to ensure more people know more about their body systems and their health via our blog posts and outreach daily.

Should you want to join us to make this mission achievable, contact us via the contact page.

Know more....Stay Healthy.... Stay Fit

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