April 24, 2019

Benefits Of Eating Okro You Should Know Today

Written By: Adelusi Kehinde Beatrice

Okro or okra known in many English speaking countries as ladies fingers or okra. Okro is a green vegetable,which is low in calories and has high dietary fiber content, it contains no fat or cholesterol.

Benefits of eating okro/okra

There are different benefits of eating okro and they include;

  • Blood sugar stability: okro can stabilize blood sugar levels by slowing it's absorption from the intestines.
  • Natural laxative: The okro pods are rich in mucilage which is a gluey substance, it lubricates the large intestines and this aids easy bowel movements
  • Natural fibre: there are some beneficial bacteria in okro which maintains the PH of the digestive tract which brings about healthy digestion and it keeps people full for a long time.
  • Vitamin c: vitamin c is a water soluble vitamin which is present in okro and it helps to maintain and improve the body's immunity 
  • Vitamin A and antioxidants: the green pods of okro has some beneficial substance such as beta-carotene ,lutein, xanthine with vitamin A,which helps to preserve good vision and keeps skin very fresh and healthy. It prevents cataract. It helps to prevent cancer. 
  • Rich in vitamin K: okro is rich in vitamin K as well and it's a fat soluble vitamin, which is well known for its importance  for bone health and which also plays a key role in blood clotting. 
  • Rich in folates: folate is also found in okro and it's quite crucial during preconceptions and early stage of pregnancy which prevents neural tube.
  • Okro is also rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese. 
  • Diuretics: Okro is also a good diuretics , it enables and aids the body to detoxify itself and enables the body shed excess water weight and prevents bloating.
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  1. it helps to prevent kidney disease 
  2. it helps to reduce asthma symptoms 
  3. it can give an individual a shiny and bouncy hair,a boiled okro, cooled and mixed with lemon juice can be applied to hair.
  4. okro Is also good for the brain as it brings about mental boost. 
  5. it's also has anti-inflammatory properties, as a result of this it's very good for inflamed joints, lung inflammation, irritable bowel disease and sore throat. 
  • Supports ulcer healing: okro coats the digestive tract when consumed and it helps to speed up the healing of peptic ulcer.
  1. it helps to prevent migraines ( headaches ).
  2. Okro is a good source of non dairy calcium .
  3. It helps to improve food and body metabolism .
  4. It also helps to protect the liver by stabilizing the surface of the cell membranes of the liver, making it impermeable.
  5. The consumption of okro helps to reduce stress
  6. The oil extract from okro can be used as vegetable oil. 

In conclusion, okro has a wide range of benefit and it's consumption should be advocated for everyone except when contraindicated in individuals with diarrhea, kidney stone, okro allergies and many others. It is relatively available and it can be prepared for eating in multiple ways.

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